Decorative Metal Shelves That Will Look Great In Your Room

Decorative metal shelving can be a nice alternative to wood, glass or plastic shelving and they have the advantage of being quite affordable and they last a long time.  They are not vulnerable to humidity or termites like wooden shelves are.  There are different metals used to make metal shelves; you can choose between stainless steel, brass, bronze, iron and copper.

When many people think of metal shelves, think of something rather ugly that is suitable only for garages and the basement.  However, there are quite a few decorative metal shelves on the market that will look great in your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

There are  decorative metal wall shelves and regular ones that stand on the ground.  If you need good metal shelves for the wall that are also aesthetic, the first thing to see is how big you want it, as some are quite small yet very pretty, and others are a bit larger and will fit more items on them.  You can buy a beautiful two tiered metal wall sconce off of eBay for less than $20; this is perfect to decorate a small part of the wall or to put up a couple knick knacks.

You can get many different kinds of metal wall shelves in different prices; the above mentioned one is just one example.  You can get nice wall hanging wine shelves that are well suited to any dining room.  A good quality one costs a bit over $100 but then you have something that is not only quite decorative but also provides a storage place for your vintage wine bottles.

One thing you should do is make sure that the metal shelf you buy matches well with the preexisting furniture.  It is easy to buy something that looks good in the shop but does not look as nice in your home because either the style of the shelf or the color clashes with the other furnishings.  Make sure you know what style you want the room to have, be it contemporary, elegant or traditional.

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