The Versatility Of Nautical Light Fixtures Ideas

If you have a coastal decor in your home nautical light fixtures can be the perfect way to complete this look or to enhance it. Whether you have a prominent nautical theme or just a hint of a beach feel these fixtures can add nicely to the look of your nautical or coastal interior design.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Of course nautical light fixtures have a specific look or style, however the different options have slightly different finishes or other nuances that provide a little distinction from each other. Contemporary versions have a clean, new look using materials like brushed nickel or stainless steel and sometimes frosted glass. Traditional or more rustic versions have darker finishes and designs that give them an older look making them look more authentic.

The versatility of these fixtures is easily noticeable in the variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors available. From a lantern style light to a bulkhead replica to a nautical chandelier there are fixtures to fit every room and every variation of coastal or nautical decor.

Because it was a common style in authentic ship lights many nautical fixtures have a glass case protected by a metal cage around the glass. With authentic ship lights this was a functional protective feature, but when it comes to replica home lighting this is primarily just for looks.

Types Of Nautical Light Fixtures

The variety doesn’t end in the style of lights available; there are also a number of ways they can be mounted to fit different needs and different looks for specific rooms. There are a number of basic ceiling and wall mount nautical lights available, but you can also find lights to better fit specific areas. Nautical vanity lights offering three lights to a fixture are perfect for a bathroom; pendant lights or a chandelier that hang from a metal rod or chain are perfect for kitchens and dinning rooms and a nautical fixture with a fan is great for an outdoor room or bedroom.

Where To Find Them

If you prefer to see the lights in person before making a commitment try shopping at local lighting stores and home improvement stores. If you don’t have a very good selection in your area make a day of it and go to a larger nearby city.

If you like shopping from home and want the largest selection possible shop online. Many popular retailers sell these types of lights. You can also find a number of specialty stores that focus either on lighting or on coastal decor. There are also a couple of companies that specialize in refurbished, salvaged ship lights.

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